Vodka Therapy

Purification and aromatization of Vodka

There are several ways to make Vodka purer. The simplest one is to filtrate it. Vodka is usually filtered with activated carbon. This element is a very good absorbent so it takes out all the bad stuff from Vodka. If you filter 40% Vodka for three times you can get a 100% alcohol. The scientist named Mendeleyev showed it in his experiments.

The other way to make Vodka purer has been used by Russian people for many centuries. They added some milk and some egg white to Vodka and mixed it a little. Milk and the egg white react with fusel oils that Vodka contains and form sediment. Then they distill Vodka and after that, they put rye bread in it. This way you can get almost 100% pure alcohol.

If you drink Vodka often, you have probably noticed when you put Vodka into the freezer and then drink it its taste becomes better. It happens because the water in Vodka becomes ice and attracts the fusel oils and other bad stuff that Vodka consists. After you have cooled Vodka, you can pour out the alcohol and it will have a better taste. Be careful, do not let the bottle get warm before have poured out the alcohol.

Aromatization of Vodka
Fusel oils that Vodka consists arenít tasty thatís why people aromatize Vodka. Different kinds Vodka can have different tastes. Berries, fruits, grasses and different spices are used to aromatize Vodka. Malt was the first product that has been used to aromatize Vodka. It has been used in middle Ages to make Vodka tastier.

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