Vodka Therapy

Treating diseases with Vodka

лечение водкой

Now a days there are many pharmacies in every city. Very many kinds of medicaments are being sold there. They say that the medicine that they sell can make us healthy. However people continue getting sick. Pills affect our organisms; some of them are bad for our stomach, for our leaver, for our blood vessels etc. Even taking all those pills and other medicine people get sick because they are not effective anymore. That is why people still use old ways to treat themselves. At present time people use kinds of treating that have been used for ages. Here are some diseases that you can treat with Vodka:

Anemia Atherosclerosis Bronchial asthma Bronchitis Varicose expansion of the veins Prostatitis and the adenoma of the prostate Headache Influenza ( Flu ) Diarrhea Otitis Food poisoning Osteochondrosis Parodontosis Polyarthritis Cold Rheumatism Sclerosis Stenocardia Thrombophlebitis Stomach ulcer Treating cancer Birch Vodka against skin cancer "Grandfather's" way of treating cancer Poison against cancer
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