Vodka Therapy


Cosmetics production is one of the biggest industries in the world. Today women can by any cosmetics they need to remain beautiful as years pass. However, women more often prefer using natural cosmetics. Here are some advises to make you more beautiful and look younger.

Taking care of your facial skin
The cucumber lotion- a wonderful whitening lotion for your skin. To prepare this lotion you need to chop up 100 grams of cucumbers. Then you should add 100 milliliters of Vodka or alcohol. Let it infuse for a week and then filter it. You should keep this lotion in the refrigerator.

You can also use a lemon lotion to make you skin whiter. Here is the way to prepare it: You need the juice of a lemon and 100 milliliters of Vodka. Mix it up and it is ready to be used in 24 hours. We recommend you to use it if you have oily skin.

Sometimes pregnant women have yellow spots on their faces. To get rid of them you should use a solution of milk and medical alcohol. It is very easy to prepare it. You should mix up 100 milliliters of milk with 100 milliliters of medical alcohol. Rub this solution into your skin for the nights.

If you got wrinkles or if you just do not want to get any you should use rosemary liqueur. To prepare this liqueur add one tablespoon of rosemary to a 200 milliliters of Vodka. Infuse it 6 weeks and mix it very well every 2 days. When it is ready filter it and put into some cold place. You should rub it into your face and neck skin.

If you want your skin to stay elastic, you should use the next lotion. To prepare this lotion you should take 200 grams of cream then add an egg yellow, juice of a lemon and 20 milliliters of Vodka. Keep this lotion in your refrigerator. Rub it into your skin.

Taking care of your hands skin
To prevent your skin from peeling and to prevent it from cracking on the tips of the fingers you should a potion made out of glycerin and milk. Mix 100 milliliters of milk and 100 milliliters of milk. Use it just like a regular hand cream.

Taking care of your hair
To make your hair grow faster just add a tablespoon of Vodka to the water that you rinse your hair with.

You can also use the potion prepared out of onion juice or birch sap mixed with some Vodka and some agrimony roots decoction.

There is another recipe to make your hair grow faster. Infuse some red pepper in Vodka add an egg yellow and some argimony oil. Rub it into your head skin once a week. Cover your hair with a plastic bag and bath towel. In two hours, you should rinse it with infusion of mint and nettle.

If your hair starts falling out, you should treat it with a pepper infusion. To prepare this infusion you should chop up a pod of bitter red pepper and add 100 of milliliters of Vodka, infuse it for 7 days and after that, it is ready to be used. Rub this infusion into your head skin for 3 days in a row for the nights. After that wash your hair and then rub the infusion into your head skin again for 3 days in a row for the nights. Wash your hair again and then rub your head skin with a half of garlic stalk. Wash your hair in a week and then repeat all the procedures again.

If have got dry hair and you have dandruff you can get rid of it with help of the next potion. To prepare it you should add 10 grams of cinchona to 100 milliliters of Vodka. Then add 3 drops of attar of roses and a teaspoon of castor oil. Rub it into your head skin every day until your dandruff disappears.

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