Vodka Therapy

Nowadays everybody thinks that Vodka is only an alcoholic drink and has nothing to do with medicine. At first Vodka was known as a very effective healing potion that was able to cure people from many diseases. And it was created with purpose of treatment. It was know as medicine with vast possibilities.
Vodka became popular because of middle-age alchemists that where trying to find the Philosophical stone. They where carrying out a lot of experiments using minerals, chemical bonds and also they used raw produce. But then they recalled an ancient drink that was a true holy drink. This stuff could make you stronger, it could give you power to fight; it could make you feel happy when you are sad, and also it could make a party funnier. Finally the alchemists came to a conclusion that the magical medical power of Vodka was exactly what they needed, if it was used it properly, of course. And this magical drink was cold properly: it was calledaqua vitae that means water of life in Latin.
Vodka proved itself as a very good drink during the European wars in middle ages. Vodka was a very good antiseptic and had a good energetic value. When a soldier was wounded his wound could be cleaned with Vodka and it will disinfect the wound and it would make the wound heal fast. Also Vodka was a good anesthetic potion and the doctors where using it on their patients to operate them. Before that they used a wood hammer to make them faint. This fantastic drink helped a lot because the hygiene was poor, and they didnt have any antiseptics or antibiotics.
Using water of life people were learning more and more of its medical properties. One of those is enlarging your blood vessels. It can be also used as the diuretic, or as the bile-expelling means. Vodka is a very good dissolvent and it is used to make infusions of the medicinal grasses for better effect. But it is effective only when drunk by small portions. Be careful with Vodka because every medical potion becomes venom when its being used not properly or if you drink it too much.
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